5 Continuing Education Courses for Dental Assistants in NJ

5 Continuing Education Courses for Dental Assistants in NJ

Dental assistant attending a continuing education course

Why Continuing Education is Important for Dental Assistants

As a dental assistant, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends and techniques in the field. One way to do this is by taking continuing education courses. Not only will these courses help you stay current, but they can also improve your job prospects and increase your earning potential.

Top 5 Continuing Education Courses for Dental Assistants in NJ

Radiology Certification Course

Radiology certification is a requirement for dental assistants who must X-ray patients as part of their job duties. This course covers radiation safety, image production, and interpretation of radiographs.

Infection Control Course

Infection control is critical in any healthcare setting, including dental offices. This course covers proper infection control procedures to prevent the spread of disease.

CPR Certification Course

Dental assistants may be called upon to assist during medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest or choking incidents. A CPR certification course teaches basic life support skills that could save someone’s life.

Dental Materials Course

This course covers the various materials used in dentistry such as composites, cements, and impression materials. Understanding these materials can help dental assistants better assist dentists during procedures.

Expanded Functions Course

Expanded functions training allows dental assistants to perform additional duties beyond their usual scope of practice such as placing fillings or performing coronal polishing.

Benefits of Taking Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses offer several benefits for dental assistants:

Improved Job Prospects – Employers prefer candidates who have completed continuing education courses because it shows a commitment to professional development.

Increased Earning Potential – Completing continuing education courses can lead to promotions or salary increases.

Enhanced Skills – Continual learning helps you stay current with new technologies and techniques that improve patient care.

Networking Opportunities – Attending conferences or workshops provides opportunities to meet other professionals in your field and learn from them.

Professional Development – Taking continuing education courses demonstrates a commitment to professional growth, which can lead to career advancement opportunities.


Continuing education is an essential aspect of being a successful dental assistant. By taking advantage of the top five continuing education courses outlined above, you’ll be able to enhance your skills while staying current with industry trends and best practices, which will ultimately benefit both yourself and your patients alike! If you’re looking to further advance your career, consider enrolling in our 12 week Dental Assistant Program in New Jersey. Click here to learn more and sign up today!

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